In Colombia, Institut Curie Is Committed To Promoting Its Expertise In The Fight Against Cancer

Institut Curie, a key player in the fight against cancer worldwide, has announced the official signing of two groundbreaking cooperation agreements with the Colombian National Cancer Institute and with the Atlántico Region (located in the northwest of the country) to support pediatric cancer research.

Through these new actions, which are supported by the French and Colombian Embassies, Institut Curie, a longtime partner of Colombia, is reaffirming and deepening its international commitment to benefit cancer patients and caregivers around the world.

These cooperation agreements reflect the strong ties between Institut Curie and Colombia. These partnerships will significantly improve the quality of cancer care in Colombia through a global approach and support for our partners. In all our international activities, we are always guided by Marie Curie’s spirit of high standards and excellence, in the service of patients, caregivers, researchers and institutions.” – Dr. Pierre Anhoury, Director of International Relations, Institut Curie.


Institut Curie’s Sustainable Partnerships in Colombia

Institut Curie signed a first agreement in Bogota with the National Cancer Institute, the country’s main institution committed to fighting cancer in Colombia, through the development of research, training and the implementation of public health actions. Supported by the French Embassy, this collaboration agreement signed by Dr. Pierre Anhoury and Dr. Carolina Wiesner, Director of the National Cancer Institute, opens the doors to an exchange and cooperation program between the two institutions (academic visits, exchanges, professional training, etc.). This agreement marks a new stage in the historical relationship between Institut Curie and Colombia. In 1928, Claudius Regaud, co-founder of the Institut Curie, undertook a long trip to Colombia. During his four months there, he laid the groundwork for the creation of the National Radium Institute, which was inaugurated six years later and would become the Colombian National Cancer Institute.

Institut Curie signed a second agreement in Barranquilla with Elsa Nogera, Governor of the Atlantic Region, to support the regional strategy and pediatric oncology. Barranquilla is the main city of the region, with a growing population that will exceed 5 million inhabitants in the next 5 years. A major priority of the regional government is to construct a new pediatric hospital, which will benefit from the support of Institut Curie through this new cooperation agreement.

In addition, in Barranquilla, the Andrea Foundation created 10 years ago a Parents House similar to Institut Curie’s Irene Joliot-Curie Parents House. It is the only parents’ house in Colombia that accommodates children with cancer and their parents free of charge. A partnership has been signed and should lead to reciprocity between the houses. “We believe that the dynamics of the Andrea Foundation can give new life to the Maison Curie. The exchange of experience will be beneficial to both and especially to the children,” concludes Dr. Anhoury.