Every day, more than 3,600 international researchers, physicians, caregivers, technicians, and administrators work together to defeat cancer.

American Friends of Institut Curie

Institut Curie is the largest French cancer research center and one of Europe’s major cancer research centers

France’s leading center in the fight against cancer

Institut Curie is France’s leading center in the fight against cancer.  It combines an internationally renowned research facility with a cutting-edge hospital group. Institut Curie treats all types of cancer, including neuroblastomas, pediatric cancers, lung cancer, eye cancer and cancers of the head and neck, among others. The Institute is the reference center for breast cancer, pediatric cancer, eye tumors and sarcomas. 

The cancer research model designed by Marie Curie “from fundamental research to innovative care” is still state-of-the-art today. 

By combining fundamental research, clinical research, care, and training at the same campus in Paris, Institut Curie is one of the best research centers in Europe. 

Institut Curie hosts researchers from 80 countries, develops partnerships with major American universities, and works in close collaboration with scientists from around the world.


Legacy Gala

November 16 – 6:30 PM

Join us to celebrate Institut Curie’s new breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

The Gala benefits the Marie Curie Legacy Initiative to establish Institut Curie’s Chemical Biology of Cancer Research Center in Paris.

Institut Curie Gala NYC

Celebrate 100 Years of the Curie Foundation

Continuing Marie Curie’s legacy

The Marie Curie Legacy Initiative celebrates the Curie Foundation, Institut Curie’s innovative research and accomplishments in the fight against cancer and the important friendship Institut Curie has with the US. The Legacy Initiative supports the creation of a Chemical Biology of Cancer Research Center, the next phase in Institut Curie’s fight against cancer.

“from fundamental research to innovative care”

Joshua Waterfall is an American researcher and Group Leader, Institut Curie

Joshua Waterfall

Group Leader

As an American researcher, I came to Institut Curie because of its strong interdisciplinarity. It combines a clinical cancer center with strong programs in breast and lung cancers as well as rare tumor types such as sarcoma, pediatric cancer and eye cancer with world-leading fundamental research in gene regulation, immunology, physics and developmental biology. This generates incredible opportunities for collaborations and the ability to move back and forth between the lab and the patients’ bedsides.